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Introducing Private Chef Services

Happy Sunday folks. This is around the time I'd normally be posting our weekly menu. Unfortunately, as announced previously we've done away with our old meal prep program due to its unsustainability.

Today I'm introducing our NEW and PRIVATE Chef Services which include customized private in-home meal prep and delivery. I only have a few slots left so don't delay if you think this is something that fits your needs. Beginning in mid May I will be servicing clients all points between Bandon and Harbor. Please call or email us to set up a consultation today. Consults will be free for the entire month of May after which there will be a fee. Legacy clients wishing to transition to the new plan get an automatic discount of 10%. Continue reading below to find out how it works!



A Personalized Client Assessment

Customized Menu Planning

Nutritional Research and Consideration

Same-Day Grocery Shopping

All Organic Groceries & Pantry Items

Food Preparation & Packaging

Glass or BPA-free Containers

How It Works Step One: LEARNING WHAT YOU LIKE The first step is to fill out our nutrition assessment letting us know your needs and preferences. The goal of our nutrition assessment is to learn about your palate preferences, likes and dislikes, as well as any allergy or dietary restrictions you may have. However, we know these options can fluctuate based on your current needs. Our goal is to provide personalized experiences so you get exactly what you want and how you want it. You’re in control. Step two: YOUR CUSTOM PACKAGE Once we receive your nutrition assessment, we use that information to create a customized package proposal based specifically on your needs and preferences. We offer a unique and personalized experience catered specifically for each of our clients.

Step Three: MENU PLANNING After confirming your weekly package, we’ll send a personalized menu based entirely on your assessment. This menu is completely customizable and made just for you. You can make any changes or updates that you’d like to see reflected on your menu. Whatever you feel like eating for that week is exactly what you get. Packages are flexible and can be changed weekly to better suit your needs for the upcoming week. Step four: GROCERY SHOPPING & COOKING On your cooking session date, we will purchase the freshest and finest ingredients, and prepare your food in our commercial kitchen or in the comfort of your own home based on your personal preference. You can also switch between in-home meal prep or delivery based on your needs for that upcoming week! When being delivered, your meals will be cooled, packaged, labeled, and delivered straight to your door, fresh, and never frozen. Step Five: ENJOY! Enjoy the meals at your convenience. No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning… giving you the luxury of time to enjoy your life and the things that really matter.


Note: Small Event Catering will not be affected by these changes. Book your small weddings and gatherings of parties of up to 65 guests. The season is booking up quickly - don't get stuck without a quality food vendor! We're not the cheapest but we are the best in the area. 541-275-2175

**Vegan Options Available**

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