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Hot Gourmet Meal

How it works

First and foremost we believe in the quality of locally sourced freshly prepared food; it's for this reason that all meals are made the same day as delivery. We're not your typical meal prep service where you eat the same meal all week. Alternatively, neither are we a take out or "fast food" service. 

Chef Chris, who is formally trained in classical French cuisine has been cooking professionally for many years, preparing dishes and utilizing different cooking techniques from all over the world. While we may not have a set menu you can be sure to be introduced to a cacophony of new flavors and textures you probably haven't delighted in yet as well as classic favorites.

 We deliver every Tuesday and Thursday

between the hours of 4:30pm - 6:30pm. Two meals dropped off on Tuesday and two dropped off on Thursday. Our menu for the week is released every weekend (usually by noon Sunday.) All A La Carte or same-day orders are $20.75 per entree with kiddy entrees for $7.00.

We offer weekly as well as monthly subscriptions that save you money and guarantees your meals when we're closed to the public.

Oftentimes we'll have vegan options or versions on the menu as well, for other special or restrictive diets we have specialized services for those interested. 


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